Conan O’Brien Falls for Teri Hatcher – Associated Content

Conan O'Brien Falls for Teri Hatcher
Associated Content
Whether you are the injured person or not, staying calm will keep your brain on track and your heart rate in check. There will be plenty of time to freak

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Researchers explore mental health benefits of playing video games – Nashua Telegraph

Researchers explore mental health benefits of playing video games
Nashua Telegraph
Companies such as HeartMath, of Boulder Creek, Calif., have developed video games in which winning requires players to regulate their heart rate variability

Slower heart rate cuts attack risk – The Press Association – Zikkir World (blog)

Slower heart rate cuts attack risk – The Press Association
Zikkir World (blog)
Lowering heart rate can significantly reduce the likelihood of heart attacks in vulnerable patients, a study has shown. Doctors found treating angina

Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbeque Thermometer

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No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready this wireless thermometer verbally alerts you when the meat has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entr es, choose the doneness desired and you’re good to grill! Four Verbal And Audio Alert Options Let You Know The Status Of Your Meal Almost Ready, Ready,overcooked, and out-of-range Audio alarm sounds when selected temperature is reached Main unit will receive the probe signal from up to 330 feet away Stainless steel probe detaches from sensor for easy cleaning Low battery indicator SPECIFICATIONS – Main Unit (L x W x H) – 5.6 x 2.75 x 1.53 inches (142 x 70 x 39 mm)Weight (without batteries) 145 g (5.1 oz) / Temperature unit – C / FTemperature Resolution – 1 C (2 F)/ Display temperatu

Oregon Scientific RGR126 Cable Free Long Range Rain Gauge

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Checking the plastic rain gauge oftentimes means a trip out to the garden, in the rain, and then a lot of record keeping. A great way to stay abreast of the garden’s irrigation needs without getting wet, Oregon Scientific’s wireless, remote rain gauge features a self-emptying rain cup that measures and then dumps collected rainfall. Nine-day memory and indoor/outdoor temperature readings help monitor precipitation and weather patterns over time. An automatic a wireless transmission range of up to 300 feet with the rain gauge and up to 100 feet for the thermometer means a lot less back-and-forth. The unit displays daily readings, 9-day histories, and total rainfall records. Rainfall measurements are shown in inches or millimeters. The gauge also features a high rainfall alarm, comes with t

Critical Concepts in Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Naacog [VHS]

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